All the world's a stage!



I'm argentnoelle, you can mostly find me on tumblr (x) & ao3 (x) under the same name. I write fic a lot, & sometimes meta. Other than that, I lurk.

There's something about old-web-style sites that are incredibly freeing, creative, & fun. It's seeing the internet as a whole new space, one where you have the ability to control how it looks like visually as well as action-wise, & to make it your own. Also, you get to have fun colorful buttons. Who doesn't like fun colorful buttons?

On my "ace" page you can find stuff about asexuality, but like, the fun stuff. Character meta (that I wrote), some links to essays other places on the net. Never fear, if you click into my long text pages I've tried to make the design a little more readable, & they all have links to ao3 as well.

Shock and awe!


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